Convert images to tables; PDFs to Excel

Extract tabular data from images

This is  Demo - works only on images & limits 6/day 

Web-PRO allows multiple PDFs and Images in one go, without daily limit.

Best Viewed on Desktop
Drop an image that has table.

Only one JPG or PNG file, up to 3 MB size

Don't have samples? No worries, we got it varities of images with outputscompared with other services ;)

Download Tables Output as  
Download Text Output  

Why Us


AI Powered

to detect the table structure. But who cares !!

Watch Out

to filter out idempotent requests. No oops moments


webhook alert. Email output link. Open to build more - lets discuss

Accuracy Details

Character & Layout accuracy, useful to build the handover process

Instant Output

high compute scalable machines to output in under 5 seconds on images


NO Set-up. NO Templates. NO expiry*.

Batch Processing

200 jobs/sec. You retrieve the output, or We send to your endpoint


Claim the API credits consumed on a bad output.



Validity: Purchased credits never expire, unless inactive for 6 months
Use: API Key can be used for both Web-PRO (on website) and programmatic access
Price Tip: The more you buy the lesser it costs per credit






 Only Tables Data
 Table Accuracy Details
 Tables + Text Data
 Text Accuracy Details
 Cell & Word Coordinates
 Cell & Word Accuracy
Good for bank statements tender notices Error Corrections
🙂 For a detailed competitive comparisoncheck this page🙂
Happy to offer you some promotional credits to trial, works for both Web-PRO UI and API usage

Frequently Asked Questions

One credit per successfully processed image/PDF page. Bad extractions are eligible for credit refunds. No charge on a failed transaction.

The pricing goes down on more credits purchase. Of course, discounts on credits more than 100,000 - contact

Demo is restricted to JPEG, JPG, PNG

API accepts PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG (TIFF in beta)

No user input data from Purchased API Key transactions is saved.

Data from promotional API Keys or demo will be stored - only to warn abused registrations.

Secured, cloud, restricted access at lowest possible level.

  • Payment Gateway: We use Stripe/Paypal, so no payment info is saved with us.
  • Input Files: Deleted right after a successful conversion.

Yes. With the experience gained through building rules to deal with bad quality images, correcting OCR recognitions, and the fixes to keep the architecture stable and traceable, we are now offering consulting services to provide solutions to your business requirement.

From using your existing OCR engine and connecting bits and pieces to make it work like, or wanting to have our complete architecture cloned to your premises, drop an email to with the subject "Consulting Services" and explaining your use case and current situation.

Happy to answer your questions reaching